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Chelsey and Kirby

Chelsey and Kirby planned a trip to Spain and Portugal in the Fall of 2015! Once they were in Barcelona, Kirby insisted that they go to the Caramel Bunkers. The Caramel Bunkers are known for fantastic panoramic views of Barcelona. Kirby asked Chelsey to marry him while overlooking Barcelona! The beautiful wedding was in downtown Chicago in the Spring of 2017.


We met at our best friends' wedding in July 2014 - we were both in the wedding party. We starting dating a couple months later and found that we had a lot in common, including our profession (we are both auditors). In October 2016, we took a long weekend trip to Orange County, California and got engaged one night at sunset on Laguna Beach. We spent the rest of the evening walking along the beach and had a romantic candlelit dinner by the water. 


Darlene and I met over 40 years ago as teenagers growing up in Garden City. Life went on and we both traveled in different directions
We were reunited a year and a half ago and fell in love.

We returned to Garden City recently on a trip and driving past Ford Road and Middlebelt Road, we were happy and surprised to see that Orin Jewelers was still there and thriving. As kids growing up in that city Orin Jewelers was always there, always busy, so seeing it still there, it was like looking at our childhood. We made the decision then and there, that when we did become engaged, we were going to Orin Jewelers to purchase our rings.

We went there this past week to purchase Darlene's engagement ring. We were treated like royalty and would like to thank Orin Jewelers and especially Miss Margo for helping us pick out the perfect ring (that Darlene can't take her eyes off).
We thank Miss Margo and Orin Jewelers from the bottom of our hearts.

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