Insider’s Guide to Choosing an Engagement Ring

Posted on Monday, January 23rd, 2017 at 10:44 am by Administrator

Finding the perfect engagement ring to celebrate your unique love story can seem like a daunting task. There are many different styles and fashion trends in bridal jewelry, each with its own name, and no one ever explains anything, apparently because it’s all part of the magic of romance. Don’t let this stress you out. You don’t have to become a jewelry expert to find the perfect engagement ring. There’s only one style that you need to know about: your sweetheart’s personal style.

Bridal jewelry is jewelry that gets worn all of the time. Your sweetheart will be wearing her rings on special occasions, when she’s dressed to the nines and odds are, she’ll be wearing her rings on those more ordinary days that include going to work, the grocery store, the gym, and the rest of her regular routine. The most important consideration to take into account is whether the ring you pick is a ring she’s going to be comfortable and enjoy wearing on such a regular basis.

Talk To Your Sweetheart for Best Results!

Communication is the key to a long lasting marriage. It’s also useful for making engagement ring shopping much, much easier. Talk to your sweetheart about what her dream engagement ring is, and what about that ring is important to her. Sometimes it’s the style of an engagement ring – she  may love the Halo setting or three stone rings – while in other instances, it may be the band features – a vintage style detailing or a sleek modern style.

Planning a Surprise Proposal? Read This!

If you’re trying to be all sly and subtle about your proposal plans, take a peek at your sweetheart’s Pinterest account. Lots and lots of women save images of engagement rings they like on Pinterest. If she’s done this, look at the rings she’s chosen. See what they have in common. If there are multiple examples of engagement rings featuring colored diamonds, or plenty of two stone engagement rings, the odds are that these styles are of interest to her.

Another good clue to use is the rest of your sweetheart’s jewelry wardrobe. If she favors delicate, vintage style necklaces, bracelets, and other fine jewelry, an engagement ring in that same style makes sense. If she likes big, bold modern jewelry, you’ll want to choose the same in bridal jewelry. If you’re not sure how her personal style translates into words, bring in some pictures of her wearing her favorite jewelry – our sales team is expert at figuring this out!

Take Time To Think About Trends

Fashion trends are incredibly important to some women, and don’t matter at all to others. If your sweetheart is fashion forward, let our team know. We can show you the newest, most popular looks from today’s top designers. Knowing what’s trendy with some insights based on the type of jewelry she already enjoys wearing can result in a truly fantastic engagement ring choice. If she’s trend-averse, let us know that too: there are plenty of timeless engagement ring styles that are perfect for the bride who prefers the classics!



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