12 "Spooky" Fun Facts You Don't Know About Citrine, November's Birthstone!

Posted on Thursday, October 31st, 2019 at 11:22 am by Megan


Halloween is the perfect time to wear the color orange & the perfect opportunity to tell you about one of our favorite gemstones, Citrine!  Instead of playing tricks, we will give you some sweet information about November's Birthstone!  

Did you know? 

  1. The name citrine comes from an old French word "citrin," meaning lemon.

  2. In ancient times Citrine was often referred to as Chrysolitus, Greek for Golden Stone.

  3. Citrine was favored by Queen Victoria who popularized it during the era of Victorian jewelry!

  4. The name Citrine was first mentioned in the book, On the Nature of Minerals, published in 1556 and written by the father of modern mineralogy, George Bauer.

  5. Found in Scotland in the 16th Century, the Scottish Highlanders often used Citrine to decorate knifes and kilt pin

  6. Citrine was believed to have magical powers and worn as a talisman against evil thoughts and snake venom during the European Early Modern Period.

  7. According to Chinese legends, citrine is "The Stone of Success," and it should be given to generous people only. Citrine jewelry was deeply appreciated by ancient Chinese emperors for their ability to increase intellectual capabilities and broaden the mind. Today, citrine is used by modern Chinese students to help them succeed on exams.

  8. Citrine is attributed with two divine deities: Demeter, the Greek goddess of harvest who is associated with productivity and Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess of war who is associated with power.

  9. The Romans were thought to be the first to wear the yellow quartz, crafting it into highly polished but unfaceted cuts of stone known as cabachon.

  10. Citrine is extremely rare and the majority of Citrine on the market today is heat treated Amethyst or Smoky Quartz.

  11. Known as the 'Merchant Stone', Citrine is associated with wealth and prosperity. 

  12. Citrine has a Mohs Scale Hardness of 7, meaning it is not easily scratched and is durable enough to avoid scratching and chipping during daily wear.


Happy Halloween!






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